HOMESonggang YakdolWhat is Songgang Yakdol?

Songgang Yakdol (Songgang Medicinal Stone) is a breakthrough invention, which is a mixture of inorganic natural minerals that emits far-infrared rays, processed with Davistone’s accumulated know-how in bio-technology.
It contains Iron (III) Oxide (Fe2O3) and 40 kinds of minerals that are needed in human body, which promote and control the growth and health of living cells in plants, animals and human beings. Songgang medicinal Stone is therefore very practical in usage.
This Bio-stone not only promotes stronger absorption level, liquation of minerals, and ion exchange in living cells, but also emits FIR (far-infrared rays). It prevents and treats various diseases in plants, stimulating growth and increasing harvest. It eliminates the cause of decomposition and keeps everything fresh by absorbing and dissolving harmful substances and heavy metals.
Far-infra-red rays affects body cells and help human body heal itself by strengthening the self-defense system and stimulating blood circulation. In addition, far-infra-red rays eliminates bad odor, fights bacteria, promotes better sleep, dehumidify body, improves perspiration system, prevent mold and moth, purify water, soften hard water by eliminating heavy metals, and relieve body of pain. They are truly the rays of life.