Without topdressing, grass roots will slowly rise and separate from the earth. If you sow Songgang Yakdol onto such grass field, the growth of the grass stems and roots is stimulated and healthy, dense grass field is created. In addition, the bumpy field will get leveled, making it easier to mow. Topdressing can be done as necessary, depending on the condition of the grass field.
Our society needs restrictions on hazardous chemicals and pesticides over-usage and misusage. When you take care of a grass field for a period of time with the chemical free pesticide developed by Davistone, the field will be healthy without the usually needed chemical pesticides. The far infrared rays emitted from Songgang Yakdol and some 40 minerals it contains increase the immunity of grass, preventing and treating various diseases and pests and eventually reducing the need for chemical pesticides. The chemical free golf courses using Davistone’s Songgang Yakdol will distinguish themselves among their competitions, and will succeed due to their economic advantage in the long run and image as an eco-friendly company.
Songgang Yakdol will make the grass field healthier and denser, more resilient and strong. Such healthy field will last well under the immense pressure from intense sports such as soccer. In the case of P Gym which used Songgang Yakdol as a topdressing agent for a period of time, the cost of fertilizers decreased by half and worm casting was found. Worm casting cannot be seen in polluted grass fields, and is a proof that the field is being healed.
01/ Fast growth of grass roots
02/ Fast rooting and multiplication
03/ Betterment of grass growth. Natural-colored, strong and resilient grass leaves.
04/ Drastic decrease of chemical fertilizer usage.
05/ Made with natural minerals, Songgang Yakdol eliminates worries for soil contamination caused by heavy metals.

The photograph on the left is the comparison of two grass cores, one that used Songgang Yakdol and the other that didn’t use it. (The white-colored roots are the core of grass that used Songgang Yakdol.)
The difference in denseness and color of grass, as well as in the rooting ability, length and denseness of the white roots was clearly shown.