Songgang Yakdol is effective in preventing dermatitis, cancer, and life-style and diet related diseases. The abundant FIR emission especially increases immunity level in human body, protecting body from various diseases and illnesses.
Songgang Yakdol’s usage is widely proliferating into water purification filters and even health-aid products (beds, mattresses, cushions, medical equipments).
Davistone’s bio containers not only keep food and other easily-perishable items fresh, but emit FIR that decomposes various harmful substances, making the food more delicious.
Adding Songgang Yakdol to fish tanks and ponds will prevent the water from rotting. Also Songgang Yakdol will prevent acidification of water, positively affecting the living creatures in water.
The fact that FIR emission effectively promotes health is well proven, making Songgang Yakdol very practical. The emission takes its place naturally within Songgang Yakdol, and the Yakdol can be processed into various powder products, boards, and square lumbers for easier application.
The abundant emission of FIR is used in heating, saving the heating fees and promoting health.