Songgang Yakdol agriculture product neutralizes acidic soil and cleans polluted water, preventing various diseases and pests found in crops. The crop growth is encouraged and richer harvest is the result, and the usual chemical pesticide usage will drastically decrease. This eco-friendly agricultural technology will contribute to bigger profit and smaller expenditure of a farming family.
Songgang Yakdol’s non-root agriculture improvement agent is directly applied onto the leaves and stems of crops and plants, creating healthy-looking and natural-colored leaves and stems.
With the usage of Songgang Yakdol, the following will contribute to a bigger profit.

01/ Decreases usage of fertilizers (SonggangYakdol functions as a complex fertilizer)
02/ Saves heating fee for greenhouses
03/ Decreases usage of chemical pesticides (Reduces environmental pollution)
04/ Improves color and luster of fruit
05/ Sustains and improves blooming of flowering plants
06/ Thickens and strengthens roots and reduces the chance of getting diseases and pests
07/ Absorbs and decomposes hazardous bacteria and gases in soil, strengthening crops against diseases and pests

08/ Emits FIR (far infrared rays), saving heating fee for greenhouses
09/ Improves crop growth rate. Also increases the inorganic nutrients in harvested crop, making long-term storing easy.

Davistone Farmland Mixture Test
Davistone Test Results (Gyeongsang National University Cucumber Center)